Broad Lough, Co. Wicklow

'Broad Lough, Co, Wicklow'
'Broad Lough, Co, Wicklow'

This is a beautiful place to visit any time of year. It’s a bird watchers paradise! Tricky place to get to with a few twists and bends, but worth the venture! Nature lovers will be amazed with the beauty of the marshy/boggy landscape. Its a ‘tapestry’ of marsh land, sedges and wood. There is an abundance of water birds inc; ducks, waders, swans,  snipe curlew and many many more. kestrels, peregrine falcons, red kites and white tailed eagles have been spotted here too. I highly recommend this place to visit. I took a few photos when i was there some weeks back with my girlfriend. This in turn developed into a watercolour you see above. A sketch was vital firstly to maintain a foundation to the finished watercolour. The old bridge attracted me to the area – a beautiful stone bridge with foliage and mature trees surrounded us. Both of us are avid nature lovers, bird watching is a weekend pastime. So we ventured here via the N11 motorway off the m50. It’s literately half an hour from Cabinteely Co. Dublin.

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